“Life Lessons Learned Around the Barn”

Being around horses can save a child’s life.

  • Life is different today…everything is immediate…computers, smart phones, social media.
  • Peer pressure and bullying is rampant.
  • Our children are pressured academically.
  • They’re pushed by society to fit in yet be unique.


They’re missing out on the innocence of childhood and the simple pleasures of life.

When do they get to be kids? Where do they go to be themselves?

  • The programs offered at Red Hat Cowgirl highlight the life lessons that can be learned when riding and working with horses.
  • Our goal is to teach our students to grow from the inside out while having fun!
  • It’s our belief that kids are influenced by all the people that are a part of their life. Here our passion is to support families!
  • We help raise kids that are respectful, good communicators, filled with self-esteem, kind, hardworking, resourceful, patient, courageous, outgoing and more. So many amazing qualities!


Please join us in this fun and loving environment. We utilize horses to create treasured memories, bring smiles to everyone’s face and grow kids that are confident, happy and the leaders of tomorrow.